Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For all you whackers out there

April 12, 2011

So I stole this Feedjit link from Katie's blog, http://twelvedaysold.blogspot.com/, cause I really like the idea of seeing where people were looking in from.  To be honest, I did not steal it.  She still has hers and I have mine and there is no need to call the legit Feedjit authorities. 

Surprise! There are lurkers out there who read this blog without commenting!  I had no idea.  However, I am puzzled.  Why no comment?  Do you actually read, or do you show up thinking you are Abraham linking to some other blog and then end up on this piece of drivel.

Oh my goodness!  I should really learn how to use computer software.  In order to do some research for this post, I found that you can dig into Feedjit enough to see where from or why for readers have ended up on your blog.  Wow, technology.

Thus, I want to thank some of you who actually pull up my blog to see if I have posted in order to read it...and I hope you don't get jobs or anything more important to do anytime soon.  I also want to thank, and I will start looking into someone's blog entitled  kitchenblogic.com.  Several of you have found your way here from there.  I know I did some posts about our kitchen remodel and this may have some relevance, but obviously I do not spend much time in the kitchen anymore.  If you are checking in to see if we ever actually finished the kitchen, well, no.  Not yet.  The major stuff is done and almost paid for, but the walls are not painted.  Actually, as CJ pointed out to Beth the other day, they are painted, but they are white with sample dabs of green and gray splattered about.  (Hint, do not mention this to Beth or she may punch you in the face.)

A somewhat disturbing finding, is that my post about having a hot wife has lured in many a lurker.  I have a feeling they did not stay long since there are no photos of said hot wife in sexy lingerie.  Wherever Dammam, Ash Sharqiyah is, or Søgne, Vest-Agder, I apologize if you were hoping for something else when you got here.  There are plenty of free sites for that sort of thing, or so I hear.  Maybe they mistyped since typing with one hand is rather difficult.

Since this is really only a cool topic to me, I will just share one more.  Someone found me by searching for "Rolando Frias weed whacker".  I think the actual link between a Rolando Frias and weed whacking had something to do with a marijuana drug sting operation.

And there I have my answer.  The people who find my blog are on drugs.  Or should be.  Or want to be after they waste precious moments of their lives reading through my odd life.  You have my apologies.

Oh, before I forget, here are a couple CJ updates.  At his first track meet, he ran the mile in 6:38.  He finished 9th out of 20 runners on a cold windy day.  Nice job CJ!  The discus portion of the meet was cancelled due to 2 inches of water in the discus circle.  I think this would have made the competition more exciting, but the event host thought not.

There was also a music competition this past weekend in which CJ competed with a solo snare drum piece.  This is the same competition that CJ practiced for last year, but did not participate in due to losing his music.  All went well this year and CJ scored the highest score possible and was said by one of the judges to be the best prepared competitor in his group.  Quite the difference a year makes.  CJ, I am proud of you and special thanks goes out to his instructor and his mom who helped get him prepared.  Awesome job!

Time for me to go look a the rain some more as I can actually watch my grass grow right now. 

See how I included another grass reference to get more readers?  I do know my audience.


  1. Coming out of the lurking to say Hey!

  2. Oh, I didn't know this post was back up! I saw it on my reader, came over and it said it didn't exist, and then it didn't post again.

    Those feedjit things are the bomb diggity, no?

    Someone recently found me by searching "mom boy sexy pic".

    Go CJ! That's great to hear about his drum solo piece going so well.