Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have a brother?

October 11, 2010


Does anybody remember this commercial?  I lived in Louisville at the time and used to see it all the time.

Speaking of Louisville, I spoke with my brother yesterday.  I know.  Emails go unanswered, blogs get ignored, and phone calls stay unreturned.  Well, I actually never call my brother, I do not do good phone, but the other two things are fairly accurate.  So why did I get a call from my brother?  Well, he is selling something of course.  His daughter is selling cookies for a fund raiser and wanted her favorite uncle to have a chance to get in on the ground floor.  Hopefully, that is not where the cookies are right now.  Anyway, like a good neighbor, and a great uncle, I have signed up for three tubs of cookies.  Won't my peers at The Target be so excited to be getting cookies for Christmas?  I think so too!

So they are not baked cookies, that would not contribute to the warmth of me (or hopefully Beth) baking cookies to give out for Christmas.  They are frozen, pre-proportioned, and fresh cookies.

As it turns out, my brother has the same sense of humor as myself.  It is one of the few traits that let us know he and I are not adopted.  He is blond-haired, pale-skinned, blue-eyed, and nice to people.  I am brown-haired, dark-skinned (for a white dude), brown-eyed, and not nearly as nice as he.  However, we have the same sense of humor, and the same facial structure.  We are also about the same height.  So there you go, practically identical.

So back to the sense of humor thing.

As we discussed these cookies, I told him I liked the idea that the cookies were the same as how I liked my women-meaning fresh.  He thought I meant that I liked my women frozen and pre-proportioned in little baggies.  Somebody is watching too many episodes of Bones.

So we chatted for a bit and they are doing fine.  He should get the cookies in a couple weeks and then we have to arrange delivery/pick up.  For all his local suckers, I mean customers, his son is delivering the cookies on his bicycle.  I have asked for the same service, but 100 miles is outside of his delivery window.  Fortunately, my brother has a good-sized freezer in his basement to store my cookies until I see them next.  Hopefully, the cookies do not smell like rotted flesh after being stored in the freezer with the limbs of missing women.

As for my family, they are off to school and work today whilst I lounge around in my jammies and enjoy a week away from The Target.  Got to get the juices rejuvenated for the impending holiday season.

Today's activitiy beyond the lounging will include gathering up clothes that do not meet the one year rule qualification.  If I have not worn them in a year, they get donated.  There are some clothes upstairs that I do not think meet the five year qualification, so Goodwill will be seeing some clothes that are currently out-of-style.  Anyone need some jean shorts or Hammer pants?  Speak now or find them at Goodwill next week.

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  1. That was the most obnoxious commercial ever.

    I once bought a tub of cookie dough (or so I thought) that was actually just powder. You needed to add a couple ingredients! I was so angry. I spent like 12 bucks just to have to use my own eggs and BAKE? Nazis, tricking me into buying stuff from my niece!