Monday, March 22, 2010

The GoGos got it right

March 22, 2010

It is now spring, and all I ever wanted is a vacation. CJ and Beth do not start their spring break until next week, but as it is the week before Easter, I could not get that week off work. So I am on vacation this week. It is much needed and off to a good start. This weekend Beth and I did some shopping and actually bought furniture for our house. It isn't that we never buy furniture, it is just rare. Even more rare is that we bought furniture to help us get organized. We were at Ikea and found a couple pieces to get our dining/everything room organized as well as our laundry/dressing room. The piece for the dining room is a Hemnes sofa table in black-brown color. It has cubbies and we can put our newspapers, school stuff, and assorted stuff in there and then actually have a dinner table to eat off of. If you saw the size of our dining table (approx. 4x7), you would know it is too large to be so covered you can't eat off of it. However, once we put the computer on there, the Sunday paper, and CJ's homework, we cannot find eating space anymore. It is not like the show Hoarders (there is some scary stuff), but still too much of a mess for us. Not any more, thank you. Sure, the cubbies of the new piece will soon be overrun with papers and stuff, but let's not angst over that right now.

The other piece is a dresser for the laundry room as that is where we get dressed after showering. It's been more practical for us to leave all the clothes down there. However, the piece we were using was an Organize It piece from Target that has not proven to be as functional as necessary. That is, unless you like the fact that the fronts of the drawers are coming off. While this does fascilitate its use, it's not really what we had in mind.

So I built the sofa table today. It took me about an hour or so and turned out really nice. If you ever come over to our house, please do not sit on said table. It is not that I did a poor job of assembly, it is that any ready-to-assemble furniture is generally held together with dowels and screws. Not strong enough for sitting.

Also today, I went to the gym, ate Wendy's for lunch, and played some Call of Duty. I know, pretty exciting vacation so far. As staycations go, this is all I really want.

Secretly, I did look up air fare and hotel fees for Salt Lake City, Utah last night. I got caught up a little in Xavier's birth into the Sweet 16, and thought that might be a good road trip. Then I found out it would cost me around $1000 for a one night stay and round trip air fare. Does anyone who reads this blog live in Utah? Want to give me a place to stay and tickets to the game? If I start driving now, I could make it.

Since no one reads this blog, the chances of someone stumbling upon it who actually lives in Salt Lake City are around 46891076351983365 to 1. I did the math. Check me if you want.

CJ just got home from school and I just got done telling him not to sit on the new piece of furniture. Apparently, it is the perfect height for sitting on. The odds of it falling apart if a 131 pound boy sits on it are around 4-1. I took physics never, but I read how to figure out the probability of full-force CJ on top of RTA furniture has to do with volume and mass and the amount of air in the room times the number of sandwiches the subject (CJ) generally has at McDonalds.

Please do not sit on the table.


  1. I for one would be THRILLED with a staycation. I have a laundry basket full to brimming that I haven't seen the bottom of in nary a year. Quite sad. Of course, were I actually home, I'd be playing Guitar Hero and loading up my ipod instead. But that's just me. :)

  2. It is good to hear another adult has a video game issue. I have been playing Modern Warfare II with my son lately and it has turned into something of an addiction.